Profile: Ph.D. Candidate | Economics | University of Michigan
Fields: International Economics | Macroeconomics
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STATUS: On the job market 2022-23 + available for interviews

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“Spatial Knowledge Spillovers in R&D and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from the Reunification of Germany”
Abstract: I quantify the importance of spatial knowledge spillovers in Research and Development (R&D) for aggregate productivity. Using new administrative dataset from German inventors, I causally estimate these spillovers by isolating quasi-exogenous variation from the arrival of East German inventors across West Germany after the Reunification of Germany in 1990. Increasing the number of inventors in a location by 10% leads to average inventor productivity gains of around 4.09%. I then embed these estimated spillovers into a quantitative spatial model of innovation, and use it to quantify the productivity gains from implementing policies that promote R&D activities. First, reducing inventor migration costs by 25% increases aggregate productivity by 5.87%. Second, the 25% subsidy for firms' expenditures in R&D within the 2020 German R&D Tax Allowance Act would increase aggregate productivity by 4.27%. Finally, the productivity gains from these policies increase with the level of spatial knowledge spillovers in R&D.

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